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It used to be the case that public companies would rely on the sell side to provide them with access to the investment community. The broker would act as the matchmaker arranging meetings and introductions between corporate management and the investor. This model is now looking increasingly outdated and inefficient. In this piece, we will discuss some of the changes that we have seen in recent years and the impact that has had on this important element of a company’s investor relations efforts.

The ability of a company management team to get in front of a wide range of investors…

Companies considering the appointment of an investor relations firm to assist them in Europe will often be presented by a large number of apparent choices that are available. Ranging from specialist firms such as Stellium through to the more traditional Financial PR companies who also purport to undertake investor relations as part of their offering, the choice can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming. …

2020 uncertainty proving to be a boon for gold

Investors in mining companies have had a rough ride over the past few years. Despite significant geopolitical uncertainty led by Brexit, US-China trade and military tension as well as continuous rumble of discourse in the Middle East, gold prices had not performed particularly well.

One of the reasons for this has been the emergence of other sectors which have attracted speculative risk capital in recent years. Cryptocurrency, block-chain and more recently cannabis have all had a negative impact with respect to capital flows into the mining industry (especially with respect to retail and HNW money. …

In October 2017 S&P Global stated that $23 trillion of investments under management globally are oriented towards an ESG based approach. This figure is now closer to $30 trillion. Furthermore, S&P report that 95% of responding institutional investors plan to engage with companies they invest in about issues related to the UN sustainable development goals (SDG’s).

deVere Group conducted a recent survey of 1,125 people which identified that 77% of the people born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s (aka “Millennials”) consider ESG factors to be their top priority when picking investments. Nigel Green, CEO of deVere states:


A roadshow is the process by which a company management team visits various cities to engage directly with the investment communiity in pre arranged 1 on 1 meetings or lunches. Roadshows can have a specific purpose, when a company wishes to raise capital for instance or explain a set of corporate results. They can also form part of an ongoing investor relations program (which is where the majority of Stellium’s roadshows sit).

The roadshow process

We would strongly advise that an IR program is undertaken prior to any roadshow in a new jurisdiction. This serves the purpose of raisign awareness of the client…

Professional investor reach — The benefits of using social media to amplify corporate messaging are well documented. Investors are also increasingly taking account of content posted on social media in making investment decisions. A Greenwich Associates study showed that 80% of institutional investors used social media as part of their workflow with 30% stating that information gathered via social media platforms had a direct influence on their investment decision making process. So, we know that professional investors are using social media at least as part of their process (whether formally or informally).

Communicating with the retail community — the marginal…

We have been getting a lot of questions around the consolidation that is occurring within the UK broking industry.

Late last year, Northland Capital Partners announced a merger with SP Angel. Shortly thereafter, (this year) we have seen the tie up of privately owned Stockdale Securities with publicly listed Shore Capital (AIM: SGR) to create arguably the UK’s 4th largest mid cap broker. The very next week we saw an announcement from Cannacord that they would be implimenting a program of redundancies costing £9mln this quarter; primarily within their Capital Markets division (aka. broking).

Where consolidation has not occurred, some…

One of the first things that we are often asked when speaking to prospective clients is “why don’t we have more European participation on our share register?”. It’s a simple question but the answer requires a slightly more complex response.

If you are involved or managing a company that is either private or not listed in the United Kingdom then there are a number of things that you can do to increase investor awareness of your business which, if done in a methodical and professional way should increase the understanding of your business with investors outside of your home market.


Stellium Services is a UK based Investor Relations and Corporate Development consultancy.

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